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Should you take on estate planning on your own?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Estate Planning

Florida is home to many retirees, many of whom are age 65 and older. Estate planning is an important topic for people in this age group. However, executing a plan does not have to wait until someone is older. In fact, many younger people nowadays are recognizing what a valuable tool it is regarding protection of assets, putting health directives in writing and more.

Is it possible for a person to write out his or her own estate plan, making it official and legally binding? The answer is yes, although most people well-versed in state probate laws would agree that it is always best to consult with an experienced estate planning professional, such as an attorney, rather than trying to accomplish such goals with no outside support.

Taking formal steps to create an estate plan is already avoiding one of the biggest mistakes people often make, which is to not have a plan at all. As to what documents to incorporate into a specific plan, this is why it is so helpful to obtain recommendations from someone who understands state laws and who has experience in helping people meet their needs and accomplish their long-term goals.

An experienced Florida estate planning attorney can recommend the best options, such as passing the home to a child as an inheritance instead of adding his or her name to the deed. Estate owners will also want to make sure they include advance health directives and financial powers of attorney in their plans. An attorney can also periodically review and update a plan; not doing so is another common mistake many people make that can spark legal complications and other problems down the line.