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Compassionate Legal Guidance From Board Certified Attorneys

Serving Florida’s north Suncoast region, the law firm of Delzer, Coulter & Bell, P.A., dates back to 1960, when our predecessor law firm of Delzer, Edwards & Martin was established in Port Richey. Our firm focuses on the practice areas of estate planning, probate, trust administration and elder law. We understand that our clients are looking for compassionate legal guidance from skilled attorneys who are dedicated to their clients’ best interests.

A Winning Team: Lawyers Wayne R. Coulter And Rebecca C. Bell

Attorney Wayne R. Coulter was previously an estate tax attorney for the Internal Revenue Service. Of the over 100,000 attorneys in the state of Florida, Wayne R. Coulter was one of the first 75 attorneys to meet the rigorous standards to become a Florida Bar board certified specialist in Wills, Trusts and estates.

Attorney Coulter’s daughter, Rebecca C. Bell, has pursued a career in elder law, including Medicaid and Veterans Affairs benefits planning. She is one of fewer than 350 attorneys in Florida who have met the educational, experience and ethical standards to become board certified in elder law by the Florida Bar. She has also received a Master of Laws degree, with distinction in elder law.

Mr. Coulter and Mrs. Bell have been recognized with numerous awards and have served extensively in professional and community leadership positions.

Our View Of Estate Planning

Many attorneys approach estate planning with the goal of providing a commodity to clients. Our firm, on the other hand, provides personalized legal counsel that considers client values and circumstances and the needs of their families.

Demographics in our society have changed over the decades. For example, people live longer than before, with a higher likelihood of needing long-term care. Many unmarried couples live in the same households. Blended families are common. We recognize that estate planning advice must consider people’s financial and personal needs and objectives.

Living Trusts and Durable Powers of Attorney have become important tools that can meet many people’s needs and objectives. However, our legal advice focuses not only on advising how a client’s needs and objectives may be accomplished through estate planning documents, but also on utilizing asset ownership and beneficiary designation options that sometimes can be accomplished without expense to a client and with a more favorable outcome for the client.

For Your Estate Planning And Elder Law Needs

Delzer, Coulter & Bell, P.A., emphasizes efficiency and economy. Our firm uses the latest technological advances in office support, with experienced legal assistants who respond quickly to clients’ questions and concerns. Contact our firm now to arrange a free consultation. Call us at 727-361-2894.