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Tag Archives: Estate planning attorneys

Advantages of a Living Trust

A living trust is substantially more complicated than a typical will. Consequently, it is also more expensive to set up and may require a higher degree of oversight during the settlor’s lifetime. But for some individuals and couples, especially those with larger estates, a living trust can offer numerous benefits. These include avoidance of probate, […]

High-Asset Estate Planning

Estate planning for an individual or couple with a large estate is substantially more complicated than the average estate planning process. Part of this is simply because there are more assets to account for and distribute. But a major reason for the added complexity of high asset estate planning is the implications of the Federal […]

How to Avoid Probate in Florida

Probate is the court supervised process of transferring the property of a deceased individual — held by a legal entity called an estate — to the legal heirs of that person. The process is designed to be simple and streamlined. But as a practical matter, probate administration can be both lengthy and costly. This can […]